Playing Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix is considered by many budding guitarists to be of the best and most influential guitarists ever. At one time or another most guitarists have learned a few rhythm and lead guitar licks from the guitar great. Hendrix had a unique style which he adopted by playing with many blues and rock n roll players of his era.

Jimi spent a lot of time at the beginning of his career playing in the background in support of bands, sort of a hired gun if you like. But then success came when Hendrix formed his very own band and thousands and thousands of fans flocked to see him and his band play.

There really is nothing like the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix. From slow bluesy numbers and flat out, amp cranked fuzz distortion lead guitar. A unique aspect of Hendrix's playing was the way that he seemingly effortlessly chopped and changed between rhythm and lead guitar riffs, and then went on the sing at the same time. Jimi's voice is sometimes critiqued has not being the best voice in the world but it went with the music and his guitar playing was the best.

If you play guitar and want to learn some of his techniques and get a sound similar to his then my advise is to listen to his music over and over again. Then get yourself a Marshall valve amp and an American Stratocaster. Hendrix also used a Fuzzface distortion and Crybaby Wah but there other guitar effects pedals around today to get close to his sound. My best advice is to listen to a range of great musicians and then develop your own style. This way you might one day become a guitar legend yourself. But remember, the most important part of learning how to play the guitar is the vast amounts of enjoyment that come out of it. Their are few things more fulfilling than the awe and amazement on other people's faces when you jam that classic riff from one of your friend's favourite tunes. So I wish you well with leanring how to play the guitar and remember never give up. Practice makes perfect. If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!

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Playing Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

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This article was published on 2011/06/08