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The Beatles are considered one of the all-time greatest rock groups. There songs are timelees. This, along with their charm, catapulted them to superstardom. They were one of the first group to write tand perform their own songs. The many different sounds and guitars they used in their songs made for a unique sound. Here are some of the different types og guitars they used on their albums.

Acoustic guitar lessons are a must for those of us that have that little urge to play instead of just listen. It does take some work, but not as much as you might think. So, which is it? You want to just play an open mic night at the local bar? Do you just want to be able to play a few tunes for friends on the back deck? Or are you going to start the next legendary band? Either way, you can get good lessons online, both for free and in a paid version.

What is an acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar produces it sound through stings, a soundboard, and the body of the guitar. An electric would produce sound through the strings, but uses electronic amplification that allows you to hear the sound.

What are so different types of acoustic guitars?

Like any popular industry, there are many different type/brands, but there are always a few that seem to stand out. Here are a few of those:

This is pretty much what people think of when we are taking about acoustic guitars. It has 6 strings: 3 treble strings and 3 bass strings.

A Spanish guitar used for playing ‘Flamenco’ music. It’s played a little utilizing different strumming patterns and techniques than a Classical.

It creates a crisper and louder sound. It was made popular by Bluegrass, Folk, and early Country western players.

12 String
It has just that: 12 string instead of 6 and produces more a ‘chorus’ effect than a standard 6-string. It was a favorite of Rock Bands in the 60′s and 70′s looking for unique sounds.

Orville Gibson usually gets credit for this design, which is particularly popular with Blues and Jazz players alike.

Acoustic bass guitar
These bass guitars have a hollow wooden body and four strings. They are tuned to E,A,D, and G which is an octave below the lower four strings of a regular 6-string guitar.

Banjo Guitar
This is a novelty guitar with the look and feel of a guitar, but the sound of a banjo. Popular in the 1920′s, it is often referred to as Guitjo.

This is obviously just a sample of the 1000′s of guitars out there. So after you learn a few things with any kind of simple acoustic guitar lessons, you should be able to pick any of these up and strum a few tunes. The history of this great instrument is long and varied. The more people that learn to play, the better.

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Songs By The Beatles

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