What to Know about Easy Guitar Songs

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Learning to play a guitar starts out with a basic understanding of some finger placements and chords used in many songs. However, practicing a few chords can only get you so far in your progress to learning to play guitar, so at some point you'll have to look for some easy guitar songs for beginners. There are a few songs you can choose to aid you in putting sounds together into melodies.

A Horse with No Name

This song, performed by America, is a very simple song to play because of several reasons. One of these reasons is that the entire song is played only on one fret of the guitar, making it quite easy for beginners to keep up without having to move through frets often. Some simple chords this song uses are Dmaj9, Em9, D6/9 and Em.

Feeling Alright

Feeling Alright is another easy melody by Dave Mason. As far as easy guitar songs for beginners go, this one is also extremely simple for beginner guitar players. This song uses only two frets and two chords - C7 and F7. This one is perhaps even easier than a Horse with No Name because of its two chord usage, making it perfect among easy guitar songs.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing as performed by the Troggs from among the several artists who have played it over the years, is one of the most popular easy guitar songs available to beginners today. There are four chords used in this simple melody and one that is known as the "stop chord." Stop means that the tune is muted with fingers on the strings, and the other four chords use two fingers or less, and include A, D, E, and G chords. A uses one finger, D uses two, E one again and G uses the thumb. These four simple chords and the stop make up a simple and beautiful melody for beginners.


Hurt as performed by Johnny Cash is one of the most beautiful of his songs, but also one of the simplest as far as guitar performances, which makes it a very popular easy guitar song for those who are just starting. Acoustic guitar lessons that teach you to play this song will tell you that it uses five chords that are fairly simple to carry out, including the Am, C, D, F and G. This song is usually used for beginners that are moving closer to intermediate levels rather than simple beginners.

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What to Know about Easy Guitar Songs

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This article was published on 2010/12/05