Which Songs Are Good For Beginners?

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Beginner Guitar Songs
Guitar beginners need to find some nice and simple songs to learn. Since the songs are described as simple, doesn't have to mean they are boring. So don't be put off by the apparent simplicity. Below are a few songs that will be definitely suitable to the beginning guitar player. Learning to play these well will increase confidence and speed up the entire learning process.
This is a really emotional song that is relatively easy to play on the guitar, using the chords of C G F and A minor.
The song can be made more intricate by using altered chords to follow the melody more closely, but for the beginner guitarist, the basic first position chords are ideal and also fit perfectly.
BABY FRATELLI - The Fratellis
The Fratellis have come up with some really catchy tunes, and this is no exception. Using the chords of G, D, C, and a bit of G7, this tune is sure to get your audience joining in.
This tune uses 2 chords throughout. A Major and E Major. It uses a shuffle type vibe all the way through and is very catchy and infectious. Any 12 bar blues progression is also good to learn for a beginner. If the key of A is used then the chords of E and D can be used to complete the tune. This is a very useful thing to be able to play as it can be good experience to play the progression with more experienced players, who are able to solo over it.
This well known song, which has been performed by Guns and Roses amongst
others uses 4 chords, G, D, A minor7 and C. It is possible to solo over this progression using a G major pentatonic scale, and can sound really good using just one position of the scale.

WILD THING - The Troggs
This classic tune is great to learn when first taking up the guitar. The chords used are A Major D Major and E Major, with a little G5 thrown in for good measure. The strumming pattern is quite easy to master, and its a great crowd pleasing song.

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Which Songs Are Good For Beginners?

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This article was published on 2010/05/19